"Thank you for viewing my website (or is that Asa's, Veda's & Nina's website?!)  I hope you've really enjoyed it!   Walk the Line Dog Walking and Pet Care is a rapidly growing business and was established due to my love of animals in 2012.  Built on many, many years of experience of caring for all manner of our four -legged friends.  I have shared my home with dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and fish; and have owned horses, chickens, ducks and geese.  My current "family" is made up of three dogs and two cats.   My whole life I have been passionate about animals and their well-being and can’t imagine my life without them (I'm also a vegetarian and ever closer to veganism).  I advocate responsible pet ownership and abhor animal cruelty and truly believe "a dog is for life, not just Christmas”... (as the Dogs' Trust motto states), and that should apply to whichever type of animal you choose to share your life with.   Owning any pet is a life-long commitment and should not be taken lightly.  Every aspect of your life should be taken into consideration before you decide which type of animal to choose.  Dogs don’t take well to being left alone for extensive periods - a dog is “man’s best friend” and as such requires companionship.    If you choose Walk the Line to care for your pet during your absence - no matter what type of animal he or she is - we’ll treat him (or her) like they are one of our own.  We’ll give lots of hugs and kisses and kind words to make them feel at ease and help them relax.  I know how difficult it is to leave your beloved pet with “a stranger” and have the constant worry of wondering whether they are being cared for lovingly and correctly.  I hope that Walk the Line can help ease that burden and that you feel your beloved companion(s) is left in the best possible hands. 

Please see photos of our "family", past & present, opposite.

 Thank you.


and  Asa, Veda, Nina, (the dogs) &  Polly & Mary (the cats).  

For regular updates, and to catch up on what's happening, along with regular videos, check out my Facebook page:

My Griffon Bruxellois 

Lola "Bella" 11/04/2001 to 03/01/2012  

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