Q1: I'm going on holiday within the next few days - can my dog stay with you?

A1: No.  All dogs must undertake at least one trial night stay before any longer stay can be booked.  This is to make sure they settle okay.

Q2: My dog does not like other dogs, can I book him in for a home boarding stay?

A2: No.  I have three dogs of my own and board up to three dogs so all dogs must be sociable.

Q3:  My dog is not vaccinated against kennel cough - can I still book him in for home boarding?

A3: No.  All dogs staying at WTL must be vaccinated against kennel cough as well as have their regular primary/secondary vaccinations with booster vaccinations undertaken on a yearly basis (or asadvised by your vet - some vaccinations are every 3 years).  Kennel cough should be administered at least 4 weeks prior to their stay.

Q4: My dog is not neutered.  Is that okay?

A4: No.  I will only accommodate neutered male dogs.  Ideally, females should also be spayed.  If they are not spayed, I cannot accommodate them during their season or if they are expected to come into season at any point near to, or during the time of their stay.

Q5: My flight returns at a later time in the evening.  Is it okay to collect my dog as soon as I return?

A5:  No.  We have a strict closing time of 6:30pm absolute latest.  Any later flight times (inc. possible delays) should be considered when you book your dog in to stay as he/she would need to be returned/collected the following day (the same applies to early departure times - your dog may need to arrive the day/night before).  

Q6: My dog sleeps with me on my bed at home, can he sleep in your bedroom/on your bed too?

A6: No.  All dogs staying at WTL sleep downstairs.  My cats sleep upstairs.  If your dog usually sleeps upstairs with you, it's unlikely will can accommodate them as they will probably not settle.

Q7: My dog eats raw food only.  Can you continue with his diet during his stay?

A7: It depends on how long he/she is staying for.  We could probably manage a few days (depending on size and number of dogs you have) but we do not have storage facilities to keep lots of raw food.

Q8: I'd like to book my young puppy in to stay for home boarding.  Do you take younger puppies?

A8: Generally speaking, no.  We usually recommend any dogs coming to WTL are over 6-8 months old.  They must be fully house trained.  They must also not chew.  Younger puppies need lots of dedicated one-to-one time and can often become more easily stressed when left in a new place which makes them a lot harder to board amongst other dogs.

Q9: I have four dogs.  Can I board them with WTL?

A9: No.  We are licensed to board three (3) dogs.

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