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Dog Walking

"These boys and girls below are just a few of our past and present playmates who've had walks with us.  As you can see, we are a very happy bunch.     My mum also cleans up after us, as she's a responsible owner.  She takes us in her van where there's plenty of room in the back and she gives us a nice long drink of water after our walk.  And, if we are wet and dirty, she dries us off with a towel so we are nice and clean!   She doesn't allow us to go home all mucky - yuk! And, after all that, if we have behaved ourselves, we get a yummy treat with lots of hugs and kisses! She can also take you for walks on weekends and evenings when your folks can't! 

There's also regular updates by text or email, so she'll tell your owner how you are doing.  She doesn't allow all dogs off lead, except really good ones, (like us two....hehe), and only if their owners say it's okay. She says it's irresponsible allowing other peoples' dogs to run wild, especially as other dogs out walking with their owners can sometimes be aggressive.  Us dogs can be a bit naughty at times and most owners don't want us running away!  Sometimes, very, very well behaved dogs can have a quick run with us, but they must be super good, and only once we all know each other.   She even takes some dogs for a walk on their own, especially when they are old or sick, or if they are not very playful around us other dogs.  

You can have a 1/2 hour walk, or even just a quick stroll around the block, or even just let outside to in your garden or yard, if you don't like walking very much.  She also takes care of puppies too; when they are very young and can't go for a walk, she'll come and show you how to walk on a lead and check up on you, as she knows you'll be missing your mum.  Or, you can just use her Pet Transport service, if you need to go to get your hair done, or maybe to the vets.... woof, woof.

So, if  you want to come and Walk the Line with us lot, you'll need to make sure your vaccinations are up to date, and wear a collar with identification.


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